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AKA The Champion of Boxers The Champion of the Boxer


Tien Peng

Chen Hung Lieh
Chang Ching Ching Yi Yuen
Tien Yeh


The Japanese Okahashi sends Black Eagle and other disciples to ambush Yeh Ching Bo, owner of Kin Kwan Boxing Studio. After defeating the attackers, Yeh is killed by Okahashi's hit man Watanobe. The Japanese take control of the boxing studio and convert it into a gambling den. Meanwhile Tien Lung arrives with the intention of finding Yeh to avenge for his father. He witnesses the atrocities committed by the Japanese, and intervenes secretly. He stops the Japanese gangsters from kidnapping women and kills Black Eagle who tries to rape a woman. On the other hand, Yeh's daughter Yeh Bing disguises herself as a Japanese girl and infiltrates into Okahashi's studio to divide his followers. She creates a feud between Okahashi and Watanobe. It turns out Watanobe comes to China in search of his childhood sweetheart Yoshiko, who was sold to a Chinese Geisha house when young, and has changed her name to Suet Ji. Bing finds out where Yukikostays and persuades her to reunite with Watanobe. Watanobe wants to take Yukikoback to Japan, but Okahashi does not agree unless he first kills Tien Lung. Watanobe arranges a duel with Tien Lung, while Okahashi takes Yukikoas hostage to prevent Watanobe from betraying him. He even tries to take advantage of Suet Ji, who refuses and commits suicide. Bing notifies Watanobe of what happens. Watanobe stops the duel with Tien Lung and looks for Okahashi to avenge for Suet Ji. He ends up being killed by Okahashi instead. Bing fights Okahashi whose disciples have all left. She finally kills Okahashi and takes revenge for her father.