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AKA Du sheng


Stephen Chow

Ng Man Tat

Sandra Ng Kwun Yu

Chin Pei

Corey Yuen

Mama Hung

Cheung Wing Cheung

Chow Yun Fat
Sharla Cheung Lo Yuen Yan Jeffrey Lau Vincent Wan
Sheila Chan Chik King Man Jameson Lam Wa Fan Shut Mei Yee
Mak Wai Cheung Wai Ching


Corey Yuen
Jeffrey Lau


Corey Yuen

Cheung Wing Cheung


Corey Yuen

Ng See Yuen
Jeffrey Lau


Ng See Yuen

Corey Yuen
Chui Yiu Leung Jeffrey Lau

Seasonal Film Corporation
Paragon Films Ltd

RATING: 7/10 REVIEW: Conceived merely as a low budget attempt to cash in on the success of the Chow Yun-fat hit, GOD OF GAMBLERS, Corey Yuen Kwai & Jeff Lau Chun-wai’s jubilant little sleeper went on to out-gross it at the box office and made Stephen Chiau Sing-chi a superstar in the process. Mainland hick Shing (Chiau) arrives in HK and drives his Uncle Blackie (Ng Man-tat) crazy until the latter learns that Shing has powers allowing him to see through solid objects. Ever the gambling man, Blackie realizes that his nephew's gifts could make him rich beyond his wildest dreams. Word soon gets out about Shing and he finds himself caught between HK gambling master Hung Kwong (Paul Chun Pui) and his Taiwanese counterpart, Chan Chung (Jeff Lau), both of whom want him to represent them in a forthcoming competition. The latter manages to get Shing first, prompting Hung to try and knock him off. The attempt fails but Shing has fallen head-over-heels for his boss's beautiful bodyguard, Yee-mong (Sharla Cheung Man), and is unable to play when she is taken hostage by Hung's men. The film just spins its wheels during the portion covering Shing's depression over the loss of his love but the remainder is engaging fun. As per genre regulations, the buffoonery is bracketed with plenty of shootouts and hand-to-hand combat, well choreographed by Corey Yuen (who also plays a supporting role). Chiau and Ng play off each other as well as any comic team around and the big card game finale offers up a terrific climactic twist. In addition to the expected preponderance of scatological gags, there's a great send-up of A BETTER TOMORROW and Chiau also does a couple of wicked Bruce Lee imitations! In spite of its name, GOD OF GAMBLERS II (issue #227a) is actually the follow-up to this film, while 1995's THE SAINT OF GAMBLERS is the "official" sequel (with Eric Kot Man-fai a poor replacement for Chiau). Sandra Ng Kwan-yu, Vincent Wan Yeung-ming and Sheila Chan Sak-lan are also in the cast and some of composer Lowell Lo Kwun-ting’s cues would also turn up in his soundtrack for the same year’s SHE SHOOTS STRAIGHT. -Hong Kong Digital - DVD Review

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