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AKA Iron Hand


Bruce Lee Siu Lung

Jim Kelly

Angela Mao Ying

Wilson Tong

Bolo Yeung

Jackie Chan

Meng Hoi

Tung Wei

Lam Ching Ying

Roy Chiao

Yuen Moa

Samo Hung

Alan Hsu
John Saxon Shek Kin Robert Wall
Ahna Capri Chung Fa Liu Yung Ng Ming Tsai
Ta Hsi Yen Hao Li Jen Ma Chao

Concord Productions Ltd.
Sequoia Productions
Warner Bros

Warner Bros

Format Language(s) Subtitles Presentation Quality Time Screenshots

1 PAL English None Widescreen 0 Gen. 01:34 Download
Nunchaku missing

2 PAL English None Widescreen 0 Gen. 01:37 Download
Extra 25th Anniversary scenes, Nunchaku missing

3 PAL English Japanese (Emb.) Fullscreen 2nd Gen. 01:39 Download

4 PAL English None Fullscreen 2nd Gen. 01:34 Download

5 PAL Chinese None Fullscreen 1st Gen. 01:21 Download
UK TV version with adverts, Nunchaku missing

6 PAL English None Widescreen 0 Gen. 01:38 Download
Extra 25th Anniversary scenes