AKA Sheh Tien

c1970 Singing Killer
...aka "Little Killer"
c1971 Comet Strikes
1972 Pursuit
1972 The Black Tavern
1972 Ambush
1973 Breakout From Oppression
...aka "Deadly Strike"
c1973 Master With Cracked Fingers
...aka "Little Tiger From Canton"
...aka "Snake Fist Fighter"
...aka "Cub Tiger From Kwantung"
c1973 Young Tiger
c1973 Street Gangs Of Hong Kong
...aka "The Delinquent"
c1973 The Inheritor of Kung Fu
...aka "Inheritor Of Kung Fu"
...aka "God Wears A Blackbelt"
...aka "Two Graves of Kung Fu"
c1974 Bravest Fist
c1974 The Big Risk
...aka "Kung Fu Conspiracy"
...aka "When Tough Guys Meet"
1974 Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires
...aka "7 Brothers & A Sister Meet Dracula"
...aka "The 7 Brothers Meet Dracula"
1974 Blood Reincarnation
c1974 Paris Killers
1975 Chinese Superior Kung Fu (San Ta)
c1975 Monk
...aka "The Kung Fu Monks"
1975 My Wacky, Wacky World
c1977 Broken Oath
c1977 Snake & Crane Secret
...aka "Secret of Snake & Crane"
1977 Iron Fisted Monk
1977 Mantis Fist & Tiger Claws Of Shaolin
c1978 Call Me Dragon
c1978 Dirty Kung Fu
c1978 Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog
c1978 Filthy Guy
...aka "Return of The Secret Rivals"
...aka "Emperor of The Filthy Guy"
c1978 Half A Loaf Of Kung Fu
...aka "Karate Bomber"
c1978 Snake In The Crane's Shadow
...aka "Adventure Of Heaven Mouse"
...aka "Force 3 From Shanghai"
...aka "The Adventure Of The Heaven Mouse"
c1978 Snake In The Eagle’s Shadow
...aka "Eagle's Shadow"
1978 Drunken Master
...aka "Drunk Monkey In The Tiger's Eye"
...aka "Drunken Fist Boxing"
...aka "Eagle Claw, Snake Fist, Cat's Paw, Part 2"
1978 Spiritual Kung Fu
...aka "Karate Ghostbuster"
...aka "Keum-kang Bloody Man"
...aka "Geumganghyeol-in"
1978 Warriors Two
...aka "The Number One"
c1979 Crazy Guy With Super Kung Fu
...aka "3 Donkeys"
...aka "Three Donkeys"
c1979 Eighteen Fatal Strikes
...aka "18 Deadly Strikes"
c1979 Kung Fu For Sale
...aka "Kung Fu On Sale"
...aka "King of Monkey & Fists"
c1979 My Life’s On The Line
...aka "60 Second Assassin"
...aka "Minute Fong"
c1979 Odd Couple
...aka "Internal Conflict"
c1979 The Fearless Hyena
1979 Dance Of The Drunk Mantis
1979 Crazy Couple
c1979 The Fearless Hyena II
...aka "The Fearless Hyena 2"
1980 Dance Of Death
c1980 Ring Of Death
c1980 Young Avenger
1980 Crazy Crooks
1980 By Hook or by Crook
1981 Beware Of Pickpockets
c1981 Emperor Of Shaolin Kung Fu
...aka "The Snake, The Tiger, The Crane"
...aka "Lord Chuang, Li Tzu Cheng"
c1986 A Better Tomorrow
c1987 Magic Crystal
...aka "Jade Crystal"
1987 A Better Tomorrow II
...aka "A Better Tomorrow 2"
1990 The Dragon from Russia