c1968 Travels With A Sword
c1969 Royal Seal
c1970 Angry River
c1970 Blade Spears None
c1970 Matchless Conquerer
c1971 Comet Strikes
c1971 Evil Karate
c1971 Oath Of Death
1971 The Killer
...aka "Sacred Knives of Vengeance"
c1972 Boxer From Shantung
...aka "Killer From Shantung"
c1972 Police Woman
...aka "Rumble In Hong Kong"
...aka "Young Tiger"
1972 Delightful Forest
...aka "Happy Forest"
c1973 From China With Death
...aka "Wits To Wits"
...aka "Dirty Partners"
1973 Heroes Two
...aka "Bloody Fists"
...aka "Kung Fu Invaders"
c1973 Kung Fu The Invisible Fist
...aka "Tiger Vs. Dragon"
...aka "Good & Bad"
c1973 Thunderkick
c1973 Young Dragons
1973 Fate Of Lee Khan
c1974 The Chinese Tiger
...aka "Tiger From Canton"
c1974 Tournament
c1974 Golden Lotus
1974 Shaolin Martial Arts
1974 The Association
...aka "Operation Ironman"
...aka "Heugmusa"
1975 The Valiant Ones
1975 The Gambling Syndicate
c1977 Chinatown Kid
c1977 Sentimental Swordsman
...aka "Blades of Emotion"
c1977 The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin
...aka "Master Killer"
c1978 Call Me Dragon
1979 Shaolin Rescuers
...aka "Avenging Warriors of Shaolin"
1979 Shaolin Abbot
...aka "Abbot of Shaolin"
...aka "Slice of Death"
c1980 Ten Tigers Of Kwantung