c1971 Lost Interview
1972 Whicker's Orient - What Makes Shaw Run Run?
...aka "Whicker's World - What Makes Shaw Run Run?"
c1973 Bruce Lee The Man & The Legend
1973 The Last Days of Bruce Lee
c1974 Real Bruce Lee
c1975 Amazons In Wrestling
c1975 Fist Of Fire
c1976 Warrior Within
c1979 Budo - Art of Killing
c1981 The Art Of High-Impact Kicking
...aka "Art Of High Impact Kicking"
c1983 Bruce Lee The Legend
c1984 Kung Fu Documentary
...aka "Der Trunkene Affe Im Auge Des Tigers"
c1985 Bruce Lee The Legend Of A Fighter
...aka "Bruce Lee - Legend Of A Fighter"
c1985 Kung Fu Pilgrimage
c1985 Shaw Brothers Documentary
...aka "Heisse Ware aus Hong Kong"
c1985 The Journey of Poetic China
c1985 Thirty-Six Shaolin Staff Technique
c1986 Benny Urquidez Fighting Techniques Vol. 2 Defence
...aka "World champion Benny "the Jet" Urquidez fighting techniques"
c1988 Dragons From The Orient
c1990 Best Of Martial Arts
c1990 Street Fury
c1990 Street Fury 2
c1993 Bruce Lee The Biography (A&E Bio)
c1993 Bruce Lee: Martial Arts Master
1993 Cinema Of Vengeance
c1993 Curse Of The Dragon
c1994 Top Fighter
c1995 Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do
c1995 Death By Misadventure
c1995 Eastern Heroes Video Magazine Issue 1
c1996 Eastern Heroes Video Magazine Issue 2
c1996 Martial Combat Vol. 1
c1996 Top Fighter 2
c1997 Jackie Chan My Story
c1997 Kung Fu Night
c1998 Game Of Death (Staycool)
...aka "Real Game of Death"
c1998 Intercepting Fist
c1998 Path Of The Dragon
c1999 Jackie Chan My Stunts
c1999 Tale Of The Dragon
...aka "Story of Bruce Lee"
c2000 Bruce Lee A Warrior's Journey
2000 Bruce Lee in G.O.D
c2000 Shaolin Wheel Of Life
c2000 TV Clips
c2001 I Love Kung Fu
c2001 Legacy Of The Dragon
2001 Stop! Kung Fu!
2003 Jackie Chan in Los Angeles
2003 Martial Arts - Aikido
2004 Celluloid Fury - Essential Kung Fu Trailers
2005 Best Of Kung Fu Movies Vol. 1
2005 Best Of Kung Fu Movies Vol. 2
2006 Kung Fu
...aka "X-Factor Shapes"
2010 Kung Fu Clips (1)
2010 Kung Fu Clips (2)
2011 Films of Fury

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