c1973 The Inheritor of Kung Fu
...aka "Inheritor Of Kung Fu"
...aka "God Wears A Blackbelt"
...aka "Two Graves of Kung Fu"
c1976 The Best Of Shaolin Kung Fu
...aka "Das Erbe Die 18 Bronzekämpfer"
c1977 Clutch Of Power
...aka "Son of Wu-tang"
c1977 Kung Fu The Head Crusher
...aka "Tough Guy"
...aka "Revenge of the Dragon"
c1977 Mysterious Heroes
...aka "Lee's Younger Days"
1977 Mantis Fist & Tiger Claws Of Shaolin
c1978 10 Magnificent Killers
c1978 Hero Of The Time
c1978 Image Of Bruce Lee
...aka "Storming Attacks"
c1978 Kung Fu Master Named Drunk Cat
1978 The Tough Kung Fu Kid
...aka "By Hook and by Crook"
c1979 Duel Of The 7 Tigers
...aka "Shadow of The Tiger"
...aka "Return of Scorpion"
c1979 Kung Fu Warrior
c1979 Snake In The Monkey’s Shadow
...aka "Snake Fist Vs. The Dragon"
c1979 Tiger Over The Wall
c1980 Daggers 8
c1980 Kung Fu Genius
c1980 Two On The Road
...aka "Fearless Dragons"
c1980 Two Wondrous Tigers
c1981 Duel Of The Brave Ones
...aka "Revenge of The Dragon"
...aka "Shadow Killers"
c1981 Eagle’s Killer

c1973 The Angry Dragon
...aka "Ninja Enforcer"